Wolf Cooking Appliances
Wolf Appliances

Wolf Cooking Appliances
A Wolf product is more than just a tool for cooking. It's an invitation to cook. At Wolf they're passionate cooks themselves. And Wolf is part of the Sub-Zero family, with the same standards of design & performance. It all comes together in instruments crafted to help give the fullest expression to your love of good food and the pleasure of preparing it.

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Wolf Ranges
Seven decades in restaurant kitchens have perfected the form, function and sheer durability of Wolf's ranges. Sizes from 30 to 60 inches. Standard features such as an infrared broiler. Convection baking. Dual burners that go from extremely low flame for simmering to furnace-like 16,000 BTU heat for searing.

Wolf Cooktops
With Wolf Cooktops, you gain precise command not only of the dishes you cook but also of the configuration of the instruments you cook with. Gas or electric. Either 30, 36 or 48 inches. A profusion of burner and element arrangements. And most of all, fine control of all their functions.

Wolf Built-In Ovens
To design their ovens, Wolf started with a blank page and one question: What will achieve the best results? Wolf's answers include the Wolf dual convection system. It delivers more even temperature and airflow for more consistent and faster results. A motor rotates the all-glass electronic control panel into position.

Wolf Ventilation

Part sculpture, part tool. Wolf designed ventilations to create a strong, instant visual impression - like a piece of stainless steel sculpture attached to the wall or ceiling. But rest assured, there's also a lot of hard-nosed functional thinking behind those smoothly sculpted lines. Brilliant halogen lighting illuminates your cooking surface. Powerful multispeed blower whisk away smoke and odors.

Wolf Outdoor Grills

Wolf outdoor grills are, like their kitchen counterparts, precision instruments. Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel both the 36" and the 48" models are available built-in or as a freestanding grill cart. Features include a 115-volt rotisserie; an infrared rear burner for precise, beautifully consistent grilling; and optional side burners - a kitchen al fresco. So let the entertainment begin.


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